Company Summary

Founded in 2014, WealthBar is an online wealth management and financial planning platform. WealthBar believes that your investing experience shouldn’t be determined by how much you have. So whether you’ve got $1,000 or $1 million, WealthBar gives you access to professionally managed investments and financial advice.

Unique Value Proposition

WealthBar’s “hybrid model” combines technology with professional advice for a personalized experience. Through WealthBar’s online platform, investors can access a mix of ETF portfolios and Private Investment Portfolios. These Private Investment Portfolios are designed to perform while mitigating risk through enhanced diversification, using a range of asset combinations including equities, bonds, REITs, preferred shares and other financial strategies.

With WealthBar you also get

  • Smarter technology, smarter savings
    Build better savings habits with our easy automated savings and investment app
  • Advice worth listening to
    Unlimited commission-free advice from a Certified Financial Planner®, included
  • Professionally selected investments
    Invest in thousands of companies from around the world. Get matched to a professionally managed portfolio in minutes.
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Key Personnel

Tea Nicola, CEO
Chris Nicola, President


122 Mainland Street,
Vancouver, British Columbia

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