Company Summary

Longview Asset Management is an independent investment management firm based in Toronto. Our clients are high net worth individuals, families and institutions.  We are dedicated to protecting and building our clients’ wealth. All Longview employees are shareholders in the firm as well as investors alongside our clients. We are a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

Investment Approach:

  • We seek to achieve superior after-tax returns while minimizing risk for our clients.
  • We manage a single, high conviction, global portfolio of stocks, the Longview Portfolio.
  • We buy shares in high quality companies when they are trading below our estimate of their economic value, with a view to owning the companies for many years.

Unique Value Proposition

In addition to following an investment strategy that has been proven to work over the long run, we further improve the odds for our clients through the following:

  • Clients First: we put our clients’ interests first in all that we do, always.
  • One Portfolio: with only one investment portfolio, the Longview Portfolio, we are 100% focused on what all of our clients own.
  • Alignment With Clients: all Longview employees are investors in the Longview Portfolio.
  • High Conviction Investments: we limit the Longview Portfolio to 20 to 25 stocks.
  • Predictable Investments: we focus on relatively predictable businesses and sectors.
  • Investment Flexibility: our investment universe is global and includes companies of all sizes.
  • Tax Minimization: we actively use strategies to minimize tax for our clients.
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Key Personnel

Doug McCutcheon, President
Emily Won, CFA, Partner


79 Wellington Street West
TD South Tower
Suite 610, P.O. Box 348
Toronto-Dominion Centre
Toronto, ON M5K 1K8

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