Company Summary

Established in 1995, CGOV Asset Management oversees in excess of $5 billion on behalf of high net-worth individuals and families, charitable organizations and institutions. Our mission is to preserve and enhance our clients’ capital while providing peace of mind. We do this by utilizing a disciplined and repeatable investment process that allows us to deliver superior long term results. We have deliberately limited the number of clients we work with in order to ensure a high standard of service, and everything we do is strengthened by our core values:

  • Commitment: We are committed to our clients due to the trust they place in us.
  • Honesty: We are open and honest in everything we do.
  • Responsibility: We do what we say we are going to do.
  • Disciplined: Our investment process is focused, disciplined, and repeatable.

We believe that focused investing today offers the best opportunity to secure capital and prosper over the long term.

Unique Value Proposition

Constructing investment portfolios is about more than simply buying shares in the stock market. It demands a thorough understanding of each client and a customized approach to meet that client’s needs. Investing requires a true appreciation that stocks are not merely pieces of paper, but ownership in underlying businesses.

CGOV Asset Management believes that a superior equity portfolio can be built by investing in a focused number of companies run by great management teams diversified across globally recognized industry sectors. As conservative investors we must diversify, but as effective investors, we must focus and diversify wisely. This has been our investment philosophy since 1995 – no matter the market cycle.

Key characteristics support our investment philosophy:

  • Our People: Our portfolio managers have on average more than 21 years of financial services experience. Our investment team has remained intact since 1997, managing client portfolios through multiple market cycles.
  • Our Process: We believe that the disciplined and repeatable CGOV Asset Management process increases a client’s probability of long term success.
  • Our size: We purposely limit the number of clients we work with in order to maintain a high standard of client service.
  • Our Stability: Team turnover at CGOV Asset Management is very low. We have a stable and sustainable ownership structure and all partners share a long term commitment to the firm.
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Sheila Norman, Portfolio Manager


21 Bedford Road, Suite 300
Toronto, ON
M5R 2J9

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