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As wealth architects, we take a broad approach to the stewardship of our client’s assets. Every HighView Partner has over 20 years of experience in managing client’s wealth. We have earned the trust and loyalty of families, businesses and philanthropic organizations.
We have collectively been responsible for the management and stewardship of more than $100 Billion of client assets in senior wealth management leadership roles at leading financial organizations. At HighView Financial Group, we provide asset management solutions to clients with collective assets in excess of $1 Billion.
Our clients are:
Affluent families, The Pension and investable assets of their businesses, and The foundations and endowments which they support.

Our client testimonials attest to the fact that we take a “back to basics” prudent approach to wealth management. Our sound, long-term strategies (“hitting a series of singles” rather than “hitting one ball out of the park”) has been proven to be a key differentiator in our clients’ success.

Source: Highview Asset Management Inc.

Unique Value Proposition

From our years of experience successfully managing client wealth in asset management firms, we have designed the HighView Wealth Sustainability Process™, a proven, three-phased approach to create and sustain wealth: effective Stewardship, Investor Profiling and Asset Management.

The consistent execution of your investment plan is the support you can depend on. We help establish and work closely with investment committees and family stewardship councils to determine your financial needs, the right portfolio design, and provide the ongoing review and oversight to ensure your portfolio is continually aligned to your financial objectives and needs. We also work with your other key professional advisors to ensure that your total financial needs are fully addressed in an integrated manner.

As a fiduciary, we have instituted rigid safeguards to ensure we always act in the best interests of our clients, avoid all conflicts of interest, and ensure your money is protected. We do not hold or have access to your money – your assets are held with an independent respected custodian. We are paid on a fee for service basis and do not accept any referral fees, or have any stake in a related business that would create a conflict for our clients.

Investor profiling.
We spend considerable time getting to know all of our clients – whether they are a family, pension or endowment fund. This personal attention involves extensive exploration of your financial goals, anticipated needs and timelines, as well as your personal attitudes towards risk. This is the first critical step in tailoring a plan with the appropriate portfolio structure.

Asset management
We are wealth architects, designing portfolios that meet client needs based on their timeframes, investment objectives and risk tolerances. We carefully integrate all relevant design and ongoing support components including the allocation of your assets across both traditional and alternative investments as well as ongoing portfolio monitoring, reporting & client reviews against each client’s investment plan – as they are all highly interconnected. Our solutions incorporate theHighView Wealth Sustainability Process™. A key differentiator in our process is that we have established an internal investment committee to recommend and review expert investment managers who fit your needs.

Source: Highview Asset Management Inc.

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Key Personnel

Gary Brent, Chairman & Co-Founder
Mark Barnicutt, CFA, President, CEO & Co-Founder
Greg Rodger, CFA, Chief Investment Officer


77 Bronte Road, Suite 207
Oakville, Ontario
L6L 3B7

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