Wealth Management Canada was founded on the principle of education.

Our story is a simple one: Born out of a desire for knowledge, Wealth Management Canada started out as a learning tool for our founder, Steve Balaban. Over the years it has grown into an open resource for investors to learn more about wealth management and to connect with suitable wealth management companies.

In 2017 Wealth Management Canada welcomed Vanja Peric to the team. United by uncompromising values and faith in the wealth management industry, Vanja and Steve set out to empower investors. We know from experience that knowledge is power. Asking the right questions and being informed is essential to making good decisions. This is what drives us.

The wealth management industry can be confusing and intimidating. We are working hard to break down the barriers that investors face and we want to empower Canadians to have confidence in making decisions to secure their financial future.

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